Wondering Why You Should Care about Recovery and Life Coaching?

Benefits of Recovery Coaching and Life Coaching

Recovery and Life Coaching Will Help You…


Get Unstuck
✔  Move forward in your life
✔  Focus on getting healthier in every area
  Discover how to create positive life changes
✔  Take back control
  Find a new path and move towards it
  Change your life for the better
✔  Design manageable next step actions
  Uncover sources of resistance to break free


Reach Your Goals and Live Your Dreams
  Find your unique purpose and passion
  Realize your authentic self, strengths and gifts
  Become more intentional about reaching your goals
✔  Start to live your life on purpose
  Feel empowered to become who are meant to be
  Clarify your goals and values
  Identify what you really want for your future
  Figure out and focus on your priorities
  Utilize valuable assessments tools to reveal important characteristics about yourself­­


Prevent Relapse
  Strengthen your recovery
  Develop healthy relationships
  Put what you already know into action
  Manage your triggers effectively
  Reprogram and change your thinking
  Let go of your limiting beliefs
  Design environments that support your recovery
  Develop a stronger awareness of hidden motives and defeating thought patterns
  Protect your family’s treatment investment

Manage Your Emotions
  Build your self-esteem and confidence
✔  Break free of anxiety and fear of the unknown
  Be motivated and feel empowered
  Gain tools and strategies to cope with life pressures
  Create a more balanced life
  Reduce your stress and be less overwhelmed
  Increase your energy to deal with life problems
  Learn how to communicate your feelings to others

Develop Healthy Relationships
  Progress in your relationships
  Form stronger family bonds
  Achieve independence in a healthy way
  Improve communication and social skills
  Set healthy boundaries
  Date without losing yourself in the process
  Control your behavior
  Stand up to and conquer peer pressure
  Make and keep good friends who support you
  Let go of unforgiveness and resentments



Do You Think You Can Benefit from Recovery or Life Coaching?

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