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Families Say…

We weren’t getting our needs met by local services, so I reached out to Lisa after doing an internet search for a Life Coach. I felt my son had no coping skills and I was looking for a way to provide that for him since he was in crisis and unwilling to listen to us.

At first, I was a bit concerned because Lisa was so far away from us, I didn’t really know what we were getting into, and the cost. However, those concerns all rapidly disappeared. I quickly found out that distance doesn’t matter at all. Lisa went way above and beyond to help us. She’s very thorough and leaves no question unanswered. She is kind and compassionate.

When we ran into obstacles, she didn’t get flustered. I found it comforting that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She laughs and smiles when things seem so dire to me, but she knew just how to handle it. It’s clear Lisa has a great deal of expertise with working with families like mine.           

Lisa put in a lot of work prior to our Consultation. So, my husband and I walked away from our Consultation with the knowledge we needed and a plan we were able to quickly implement to get our son the treatment he needed.

Lisa connected us with incredible resources in our area we didn’t even know were available! She even worked directly with the treatment center Admissions Director to help my son get admitted quickly.

Without hesitation, I recommend anyone who is struggling to work with Lisa. She forever has a place in my heart. We now also have peace, gratitude, and more trust that God has been in this all along. Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart!”

Lynnell and Doug – Little Rock, Arkansas



“I’m so amazed at the fine young man my son has become. He is now a caring, kind, and compassionate man because of the work you did with him. I cannot tell you how proud I am of all that he has achieved. I am extremely grateful especially to you, Lisa. God bless you and the work that you are doing!”


“A continued thank you for your thoughts and words of wisdom.”


“We appreciate all your effort to assist us in our recovery. It was a pleasure to work with you.”


Thank you Lisa for all that you’ve done for our family.”


“Lisa’s quick decisions and determination got us exactly what was needed. She made a positive difference in our lives!”


“Thank you for taking care of my son while he finds his way back.”


“Thank you for your patience and encouraging words.”


We appreciate all your time and guidance. Thanks for your support to our family. We will always be grateful for you!”


“Lisa, you’ll never know how much we appreciate you!”



Teens Say…

“You’ve helped me see feelings I never thought I had and taught me how to remove the “rocks” I was carrying around out of my “backpack” a little bit at a time. You helped me find God and how to get in touch with Him. You helped me with my anger. I have no idea how you did it, but you did. I can’t thank you enough!”


I got so much out of all the things you said to me. I want to thank you for being there for me when I really needed someone to talk to.  I’m so grateful for how you’ve helped me.”


“Credit should be given to you because I couldn’t have done this without your guidance. What you teach shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone because they will never reach any accomplishments without accepting the fact that they have a problem and need to do something about it. My new life is jaw-dropping to me! I plan to work towards opening my own Christian affiliated treatment center.”


I’m back on the right track because of the skills I’ve learned from you.  I now want to help kids just like me. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me because it really changed my life around!”


It’s hard for me when you push me but I thank you for it. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts.”


You’ve been there for me through my good and my bad times. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You’re the best!”


“I wanted to thank you for helping me realize that when I hold onto Christ I’m a better and happier person!”



Young Adults Say…

“I know I’m not the only life you have touched big time. Thank you for helping me and teaching me how to grow. In my head, I hear your advice, knowledge, and wisdom at least once a day. Thank you for helping me become a man. I am always and forever growing, learning, and accepting responsibility.  But, you laid my foundation on how to become who I want to be. I’m jealous of your future clients. They have no idea of the positive impact you can have on someone’s life. Not just in the present, but in the future (as I have found out). But, they soon will. Thank you again!”


“You made me take a long hard look at what I was doing and how I was behaving which made me change my personality, change every aspect of my life. I now live life on life’s terms. You’re a great role model who’s helped me change my life in a positive way.”


You helped me to see that I was not only hurting myself but also my whole family and everyone else who cares about me. Thank you for taking the time with me and being there for me, teaching me the right way. You taught me a lot about myself. I think you know me better than I know myself. Thanks for everything you’ve taught me about recovery.  I’m glad you know how to have fun, but also be serious about helping me.”


“I need people in my life who truly care and when I think about that list it isn’t very long, but I know you are on it.”


“You’ve been the person that speaks the most wisdom into my life and usually when I need it the most. I could never thank you enough for putting so much into my life!”


“I’d been stuck in emotional turmoil and spinning my wheels for years.  I had ideas about moving forward with my life, but couldn’t seem to make any of them a reality. After working with Lisa for a few months, I’ve been delighted by what we have accomplished.  Within a few sessions, my mind was open to so many things I had not considered before.  She had a way of pulling me out of the ruts I was stuck in and giving me clarity to see the way forward.  The motivation and encouragement she gave me has been invaluable.  I’ve been able to achieve so much more than I could previously and am feeling better about myself and life in general. Lisa taught me to overcome barriers, stop procrastinating and start thinking about my future life goals.  She was wonderfully patient and supportive and challenged me every week to do my very best.  She was a guide on my road to emotional healing.  I’m very grateful for the time I spent with her.” 


“My roommates and I now pray every night before we go to bed and I go to church every Sunday so I’m more in touch with God now. Thanks for helping me find God!”


“Because of you, I can truthfully say that I’ve been sober now longer than I have been since the age of 13. I thank God every day that I wake up and am able to live another day and end the day on the right path.”


You’ve been the best support! Thanks for all your help! You’re an amazing person!”

Professionals Say…

“In my experience with Lisa, she has shown a marked skill in the 16-35 year old age group. She utilizes a client centered approach to empower young people to take charge of their lives and move toward personal goals.”


Lisa Thompson is one of the best Board Certified Coaches!”


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa for years. I would highly recommend her. She values open communication with others. She demonstrates appropriate boundaries and professionalism in her working relationships with her clients and is a valuable resource.”


“Thank you for your dedication and commitment!”


“Lisa is a very caring, confident and energetic person who is committed to those seeking lasting recovery and life changes. She can handle difficult and dually diagnosed clients with grace. She acts from integrity and a deep place of understanding.”


“Thanks for all your support and guidance you’ve given me with my clients.”


“Lisa initiates a unique service which creates an environment of esteem building and personal growth. She understands the complexity and delicacy of each case she is involved with, and develops plans that are directly in correlation with the needs of her clients. I would recommend her for anyone needing that extra helping hand to make life change.”


“Lisa is a knowledgeable and compassionate with special competency in dual diagnosis.”


“Lisa and I share very similar values when it comes to being passionate for helping others in time of need. Her soothing spirit and enthusiasm for the individual is exemplary. Her knowledge and expertise on how to serve her clients is very professional and has a high quality of resources that is tailor made for each client. It is with great pleasure to endorse Lisa. She has everything to give, with an extreme professional quality.”


“My thanks to you as you’ve made such a positive difference!”


“Lisa brings not only great credentials, experience and skills, but also an energy and integrity. Her Christian beliefs ground her work with teens, young adults, and families and her professionalism is an inspiration. I strongly recommend Lisa Thompson as a Counselor, Recovery and Life Coach.”


“Lisa is a very dedicated Counselor to young men and women. Lisa takes her position seriously and she always displays outstanding character, good Christian values, and uplifting and encouraging words to those she comes in contact with.”


“Lisa shows her professionalism in her work as a Therapist. She even inspired me to bigger and better things in my life. I highly recommend her services.”



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