What is Recovery and Life Coaching?

Recovery & Life Coaching for Teens, College Students, & Young AdultsProfessional athletes have Coaches and Personal Trainers who help make them great. You’ve probably worked with your own Coach before too. Just like Coaches who have helped you maximize your performance, now Recovery and Life Coaches help you succeed in your personal life too! Having a Life Coach is like having a Personal Trainer for every area of your life!

Simply put, a Life Coach helps you move from where you are to where you want to be. It’s an ongoing partnership focused on challenging you to unlock your potential, increase your skills, take action, solve problems, build confidence, and take practical steps toward your goals and dreams.

As your Life Coach, I’ll come alongside you to help you find focus and guide you through life’s challenges. You’ll move forward with confidence in the midst of change and transition to a new chapter in your life.

Coaching is a creative and fun process that assumes you’re healthy and able to achieve goals with support, information, and guidance.

In the past, Life Coaches worked only with adults and people in long term recovery if they had a history of addiction or mental health issues. They didn’t work with young people or address recovery issues. The exciting news? Things have recently changed!

Like others have experienced for years, now young people and people in recovery can experience all the same great power and benefits from Coaching while finding freedom in so many areas of life!

Since this partnership is so important, it’s vital you choose a qualified Coach so you maximize your results!


What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching Emerging Adult Young WomanNot everyone needs Counseling. However, everyone needs a great Life Coach to give them support and a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental place to share and grow in their life or recovery!

No matter how great your life is, everyone needs a Coach to help take you to the next level! Therapy is very important and life changing when you have painful problems to overcome. So, some need Counseling instead or in addition to Coaching.

Once I discovered Life Coaching, I immediately realized why so many young people are resistant to Counseling!

As a Therapist, young people constantly and consistently tell me ….
  • I don’t need Counseling because I’m not sick!
  • I’m so sick of dwelling on the past, I just want to move on!
  • I don’t have any deep dark secrets or pain to work through!
  • I don’t want to go to Counseling because all I need is someone to listen and help me reach my goals!

They are right! Therapy is about healing the past. Thankfully, many don’t have trauma they need healing from! But they are stuck and struggling to get to where they long to be. Most people are stable, but bored with life because they are unfulfilled.

So it’s no wonder many aren’t finding what they are looking for in Counseling and usually only go a few times because their families made them! Then, they refuse to continue to go because they feel it’s a waste of their time and they aren’t getting anything out of it.

Very caring families often insist their on Therapy because their family member to have a safe place to open up, get support, and grow. There were no other options besides Therapy until now for this kind of support.


Who works with a Coach?

Recovery Coaching & Life Coaching for Teen & Young Adult GuysPeople who are stuck! People who need to be challenged or need a little extra support! People who aren’t in crisis! People who don’t need to focus on the past and want to focus on moving forward!

Sound familiar? Life Coaching is EXACTLY what teens and young adults have been asking for!

Now that Coaching is available to young people and people in recovery, it’s an option teens and young adults love!

Life Coaching is also EXACTLY what families are looking for because Coaching provides that support and safe place to grow!


A Closer Look at the Differences…

Life Coaching Therapy and Counseling
Mentoring and Discipleship
(Sponsorship is described more here)
Deals mostly with what’s right, the present, and growth. Explores creative ways to solve problems to create significance, success, and reach your potential. Draws out of you what’s inside from your experiences and resources. Deals mostly with what’s wrong and unresolved past issues or trauma. Explores the root of the problem. The goal is to heal what’s broken, create stability and relief. Deals with demonstrating, teaching, and training. The goal is to impart opportunity, share their wisdom and knowledge. They teach and let you draw from their life experience.
Co-creative, equal, goal oriented partnership. Works to move you to higher levels of functioning and get you better focused in life. Helps you learn to make wise choices, solve your own problems, and build decision making abilities. Doctor – Patient, process oriented relationship. Works with you to understand feelings and achieve emotional healing so you can start making healthier decisions. Wiser – Less experienced, teaching relationship. Works with you as an apprentice to teach a new skill or Christian living. Advise about how to make decisions.
Focus on action and results for the future in every area of life. Assumes you are healthy, whole, and have strengths to draw from. Emotions are natural and normal. Focus on feelings and past events. Assumes you have deficits and need healing. Many emotions are the symptom of something wrong. Helps develop healthy emotions. Focus on what they give to you. Assumes you lack knowledge and understanding. Limited to emotional response of the teaching experience.
Coach stands with you and helps identify challenges. Then works with you to turn challenges into victories by challenging you for better results, to overcome barriers, learn new skills, and implement effective choices. Holds you accountable until you reach your goal and get results. Therapist diagnoses, aims to create a better feeling, provides a path to healing and comfort. Works towards internal resolution of pain and to let go of old patterns. Relationship ends when you are healthy enough to move forward from the past and start setting goals for the future. Mentor allows you to observe and teaches you what they do. Provides advice and answers questions about how you can be successful at the task. Once you’ve learned the skill, the relationship ends.





















What’s NEXT?

If you’re ready to work with me and move forward with your life, then Contact me TODAY. If you have questions about Recovery Coaching, Benefits of Coaching, or have other questions, be sure to explore the other pages of my website. If you have any unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.