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Site Map for Next Gen Counseling & CoachingThis is the site map for the website Next Gen Counseling and Coaching. Lisa Thompson, LPC, CADC, ATE, BCC is a Therapist, Recovery Coach, and Life Coach. She is an expert in her work with Teens, College Students, and Young Adults. She also works with parents, siblings, and other family members as well as concerned professionals. Her mission is to help young people become more successful and to create a new life in recovery.

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Meet Lisa 
Recovery Coaching 
Benefits of Coaching
Who I Work With
Who I Work With: Teens and Young Adults
Who I Work With: Families
Who I Work With: Concerned Professionals
Testimonials: What Clients Say
Work With Lisa
Work With Lisa: More Services: Consulting Services
Work With Lisa: Coaching Packages and Fees
Work With Lisa: Life Coaching Packages
Work With Lisa: Recovery Coaching Packages
More Services
More Services: Drug and Alcohol Testing
More Services: FAQ About Drug and Alcohol Tests
More Services: Essential Oils
More Services: Young Living Essential Oils
More Services: Shop for Young Living Essential Oils
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FAQ: Recovery Coaching


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