Why Essential Oils?

You may be wondering what essential oils have to do with Counseling, Coaching, Recovery, or YOU. The simple answer is … EVERYTHING!

My Journey … 

Young Living Peppermint, Lavender, LemonIf you asked this question, I completely understand because not long ago I asked the same question. Let me tell you a bit about my journey and I think that will answer your questions.

Since discovering Young Living essential oils, I’ve studied them and discovered so many of the amazing physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits they have. Let me tell you – I REALLY researched them and I’ve learned a ton!  I wasn’t about to expose myself or those I care about to something I didn’t KNOW would actually work AND was completely safe.

The strangest part is I didn’t research other things I put on or in my body or the quality of ingredients in the products. I thought nothing more of it. I paid no attention to the long lists of possible side effects and warnings of products on the shelf at the store. However, when it came to essential oils – something all natural, I was very skeptical and had to find out everything I could before I even considered trying them.

I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at the research for yourself! There are many essential oils that research shows promote physical and emotional well-being. There is so much information I couldn’t possibly share even a fraction of it here.

What I learned about essential oils really amazed me and literally changed my life!

I found essential oils go back long before Bible times (just one mention of them in the Bible is when Frankincense and Myrrh were given to Jesus at birth). If you look closely while reading the Bible, you’ll see they are mentioned all the time. They really are God’s original design to keep us well!

I quickly found out all essential oils are NOT the same. Unlike Young Living essential oils, I found most oils are NOT therapeutic or pure.

I found Young Living products can play a role in supporting, affecting, and maintaining overall wellness as well as specific body structures and functions.  In my search for information, I heard story after story about how people used Young Living essential oils to keep their body, mind, and spirit healthy! They used essential oils for things I never imagined you could use them for! Then I found out Young Living puts essential oils into personal care products so you could brush your teeth or clean your house with them without exposing yourself and family to all the toxins in the chemicals you probably currently use. I learned all that and still didn’t know if I could believe it!

I FINALLY ordered my Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit and diffuser when I was DESPERATE and had nothing to lose.  My body and respiratory system needed some extra support! So, of course I read lots of research and found essential oils might just be what I needed. So, after talking to my doctor, I ordered my kit and a couple of other oils. I figured he was a doctor and wasn’t going to tell me to do something that would kill me!

As soon as I got my shipment, I started using and diffusing all the oils right away, but was still skeptical and didn’t believe they would work (since nothing else had). I was impatient at first and determined they didn’t work because they didn’t work immediately. For some reason, I kept using them though. I soon found out it just took a little time. To my surprise, within about two weeks my body had the  support it needed! 

I use essential oils and include them in my daily life to support my body and stay healthy. I just LOVE being healthy and feeling GREAT especially when I see others all around me getting sick because their immune systems aren’t as strong.

Don’t worry, I haven’t become extreme and still seek medical attention when I need to. I’ve also certainly been working towards making my environment less toxic, rethinking what I put into my body, and using oils these all natural oils God made and avoiding unnatural substances, toxins, and chemicals as much as possible.


Sharing Essential Oils …

Thieves Young Living Essential Oil ProductsI have to be honest, when I discovered Young Living, did this research, and experienced the benefits for myself it actually really bothered me and made me a little angry that nobody had shared this amazing information with me about essential oils before now! I started thinking about my family, friends, and all the clients I’ve worked with over the years who may have really benefited from essential oils.

I had no intention of ever sharing Young Living essential oils with the world, but the more I’ve discovered, the more I felt convicted about not sharing them knowing they may change so many lives! So, I HAD to share!

My family members, friends, and clients are now also experiencing health and wellness by incorporating Young Living essential oils into their daily routines!  I’ve watched some of them find natural solutions they’ve been searching years for.

Here are just a few things of the things experienced ….  
I’ve applied oils to a family member who needed a little digestive support and after using oils, they felt great within just hours.
I’ve seen essential oils work quickly in an emergency to provide comfort on the way to the Emergency Room!

I’ve had friends who experience occasional anxiety when they are stressed are now experiencing much more freedom because they are more calm and relaxed since using essential oils.

My clients are experiencing less everyday stress and moodiness which helps support their recovery and focus on moving forward with their goals.

I could go on and on telling you about all the amazing things I’ve seen in such a short time. Have there been things that I hoped oils would work for and they didn’t? Yes, but time after time, I’ve been amazed by the results I’ve witnessed these oils.

What Makes Essential Oils Different?

Essential oils work by addressing the heart of the matter. Oils are smart. They have the ability to delete misinformation and reprogram the cells with correct information so they function in harmony with one another. That alone, BLEW ME AWAY and was a huge part of why I finally decided to order my kit! I had done tons of research and read all the studies, but when I learned this, it literally stopped me in my tracks. Unless you get to the heart of the matter, you very well may become dependent on medications.

I think this hit me so hard because there are things I’ve wondered about in my life for years.  Only recently, I’ve realized I wasn’t addressing the heart of the matter and needed to do that in order to get some answers in my life.

Over the years, I’ve also worked with countless people addicted to medications which have destroyed their bodies, minds, lives, and families. Often times people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but there’s underlying issues to the addiction. When those issues are dealt with, drugs and alcohol are no longer seen as a necessary part of the person’s life. Clearly, there are so many benefits of addressing the heart of the matter.

Here’s Where You Come In …

You see, in my personal life and professional work, there are many situations that have frustrated me and left me feeling helpless.  That feeling is what fueled my determination to find answers to help people who need them.

As a professional, these are some of the people and situations, I encounter nearly every day …

  • Countless people are addicted to dangerous and deadly amounts of medications just to cope with the stress of their daily life! It’s still really hard for them to imagine life beyond their addiction when they have no alternative ways to help them deal with the problem that started the addiction in the first place. Then, there are people who are trying to get their lives together by getting clean and sober. So, we work together to manage their stress and add tools to their recovery toolbox. Essential oils are often one of those tools.
  • Then, there’s the people in recovery who are trying to get their lives together by getting clean and sober. They are faced with the fact that they can’t take potentially addictive medications so are left with little help and few alternatives. This OFTEN leads to relapse if they don’t find the right tools to help support their recovery!
  • Some feel like the shell of the person they once were because of prescribed medication. So, they refuse to take something that changes their personality even though they could benefit from some emotional or physical support. This also USUALLY leads to relapse!

Listen, through my work with people, I help them find MANY tools to use in these situations and just one of these tools may be essential oils, but there are some who absolutely NEED medication (I’m not talking about abusing medications). There is no other choice for them, and there is no shame in that.

However, others who aren’t in crisis situations where medications are necessary, may find their bodies maintain optimal health in more natural ways when their bodies and emotions just need a little extra support. Essential oils are often very effective in helping many things like minor mood changes, stress management, anger management, occasional anxiety, blues, or forgetfulness, motivation, focus, and even those other not so fun things young people deal with such as PMS, menstrual cramps, maintaining a healthy weight, and non-cystic acne!

When it’s an option and there is no crisis, I’ve always believed in taking the natural route first. For instance, research tells us a daily run may help improve the mood. However, our society has been too quick take a pill for this or that without exploring other natural options to support the body. If you need evidence of that, look no further than the prescription drug epidemic in the United States! That epidemic has led to the rates of heroin addiction skyrocketing. This is even among people our society least expects because those addicted to medications can only get so much medication and it can be very expensive. So, they end up turning to heroin for a similar effect. As a result, overdose death rates continue to soar from both medication and heroin addictions.

Now, please do NOT think I’m anti-medication or I’m suggesting you to quit taking medications, because I’m NOT!  I would NEVER suggest making any changes in your prescribed medications since that is something only you and your doctor can decide. I’m NOT suggesting you ever avoid seeing your Doctor. If you have a physical or mental health concern of any kind, by all means, please go see your Doctor or Counselor! God gave us both doctors and essential oils. They each serve a purpose. So, if you’re curious about essential oils and think they may be beneficial to your health, talk with your Doctor or Counselor about the research you’ve discovered.


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The Bottom Line …

As a Therapist, Recovery and Life Coach, I believe deeply that holistic care is very important. For my clients, this means we work together on thoughts, emotions, and relationships in Consulting, Counseling, and Coaching, but we also look at what’s going on physically and spiritually. I’ve helped countless people get unstuck and/or put their lives back together in recovery and health is always a central issue in some way.

This doesn’t just go for my private clients, but for EVERYONE who wants to live a healthy life! If you’re stuck in life or even if you are more fulfilled than ever you need to be in your best health to live life to the fullest. Essential oils may play a KEY ROLE in living your best life!


Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Now, you know my heart behind Young Living essential oils and you’ve seen the research. So, I hope it’s clear to see why including essential oils in the life of yourself and your family is so important. Get started today by placing your order here

* Individual results may vary since everyone’s body is different.*

** Always work with your Healthcare Provider regarding All physical concerns, seek Professional Treatment for All Addictions, and a Professional Counselor to process through difficult emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.**

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances such as essential oils for serious health conditions that require professional attention. If you have a health concern, consult with your healthcare professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, plan to use essential oils with young children, take medications, have medical conditions, research each oil and discuss it with your healthcare professional. Any testimonials regarding products are based on individual results and do not constitute a guarantee you will achieve the same results. Essential oils may be suggested as a possible benefit to assist you in your life, but are never prescribed by Lisa Thompson. For more information see the complete Terms and Conditions of Use.


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